The team

The Gran Torino team is based first and foremost on its approach to exhibition spaces. It is this philosophy, spirit of consultation and strong aesthetic approach that brought Frédéric Pantecouteau and Franco Vacca together in the first place.

On the design side, aesthetics, performance, a willingness to listen to clients and support them, and a feel for materials. On the management side, a professional job well done...
A team that is, in short, on its clients’ side.

Our consultant: Frédéric Pantecouteau


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“We carry out an in-depth study of the needs of a business which enables us to provide an accurate and effective response.”

Since his early days in the world of marketing and communication, Frédéric Pantecouteau has used his talents to help a large number of companies and over the years he has developed genuine expertise in assimilating their needs. 

His experience and pragmatic approach to the job are a genuine guarantee of success.

Our designer: Franco Vacca



“The materials, the colours, the message, the cost... as a designer, it’s my job to find the perfect balance, the harmony that makes all the difference.”

A qualified architect and design teacher in Turin, Franco Vacca has designed stands for top brand names.
A craftsman at heart, he has a feel for materials and makes it a point of honour to create spaces that are both practical and work on an aesthetic level too. All of his designs, each and every one of his stands, reflect the sophistication and elegance of Italian design.

You cannot mistake a stand by Franco Vacca...